Thanksgiving Reset

Love this picture of the Eiffel Tower at night. It reminds me how powerful a bright and hopeful light can be in darkness. I love the thought of lighting up other people’s lives through daily encounters. Hugs, a hello, or genuine interest in other people lives are all examples of how we can brightened someone’s…

Seasons Change

I love summer. Summer weather reminds me of the beach and I love the beach. I like looking at the snow, but I’d rather be playing in the sand. Just like I love football; Clemson football. I like watching other college teams but I’d rather be wearing orange in Death Valley.  And that is my…

To Go Cups

I was STILL battling the act of taking a vacation with experiencing a vacation. Packing a suitcase and travelling to a destination is easy. Mentally relaxing and immersing oneself in your surroundings was the challenge. I was on a To Go Cup mentality vacation.


There is no greater feeling than reaching higher heights and deeper depths. This is courage. This is bravery. This is my path to self-discovery.